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Our Team

Our Mission:

We help businesses reach their full potential in a cost-effective, focused and collaborative manner by utilizing the strengths of all members of your team and providing resources to offset weaknesses that may be impeding success.

Our Methodology:

Our management consultants conduct a thorough and timely analysis of your business operations to identify the real causes (not only symptoms) of impediments to success and then help you develop and implement strategies and programs to make your business more efficient, effective and successful.

Our Clients:

No matter what your business needs are, we can help. We work with business owners and managers of small businesses in the Albany, NY area who want to overcome obstacles and maximize opportunities. Our management consultants have almost 50 years of experience working with over 300 small businesses in more than 80 industries. We specialize in Business Coaching , Executive Recruiting, Small Business Marketing, Succession Planning, Business Planning, Operational Effectiveness Review and Medical Practice Management .

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The following table may be useful in helping you articulate some of your business needs.


We Provide:

You Get:

Strategizing - setting directions
Greater growth
Problem solving
More options
Helping hand to implement
Complete faster
Less waste
Better actions
Opportunity identifier
More $ potential
Improved performance
Better decisions
Decision facilitation
Quicker decisions
Single source of varied management services
Less confusion, more coordination
Listening post - sounding board
Emotional comfort
Sources of staff
Improved staff selection
Sources of financing
Expanded growth
Systems for controlling finances
More stability
Team building
Improved morale and productivity
Data processing systems knowledge
Better, more timely info
Employee performance enhancement
Better productivity
Negotiation skills
Better deals
Planning skills
More organized
Situation analysis/diagnosis
Better direction and operations