Leadership…. How you doin?

If you are in a leadership role, it might be enlightening to step back and take stock of yourself regarding these traits. I could suggest more formal and objective ways, but for now, I think just taking a “peek” at yourself from a distance is a good start. You will likely identify those areas that require the most attention and offer the greatest potential payback from additional development. You will find that it is difficult to focus on more than a few areas at one time. So, do not get overly ambitious.

If you have the heart for it, and if you use a competent and objective, third party (called consultants), you might even try to determine how your peers and subordinates view you. In Organizational Development circles, this is known as “360 degree feedback”. This can be an eye opener (good and bad). Supposing you do this and learn that your rating in certain areas is not to your liking? What are your options? You can say, “Nobody’s perfect!” and continue functioning at less than optimal. You can walk around feeling guilty or ashamed for being imperfect or you can decide to engage in a program of self- development.

Sometimes this takes the form of listening to cassette tapes, reading books, completing questionnaires and the like. You can also hire an executive coach to work with you one-on-one. Another option is to bring in a trainer to provide seminars and workshops intended to teach you new skills (or hone existing ones), tune up your attitude, and help you and your teammates to function better as a team. After all, who said only the leader needs development?

You probably already use many of these tools. My only hope (not a modest one) is that by simply bringing this to your attention, you will invest the time to focus (the operative word) on your leadership development. My main premise is that everyone has some degree of leadership capacity in them. You see this during times of crisis when a non-leader takes control of the situation. This is manifested in the military through astounding acts of heroism. An astute leader recognizes when he/she is not as effective as they want and need to be. Take a moment to review the checklist above to reflect on your situation. Perhaps this will give you a clue where you need to look deepest. Good luck on your search to discover and develop the best that is within you.

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