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Small Business Self-Assessment


Attached is a downloadable PDF file of some of the common problem we hear from many of the Small Business Owners that we work with. Please click on the file name below to download the file and read through before continuing.

Common Pains Small Business Owners face.PDF



Below is a list of common management concerns or "pains" faced by Small Business Owners. Check off all applicable concerns that you are currently experiencing in your business:

Uncertain about value of company
Complexity of operations
Conflict laden (family/employees)
- lack of harmony, unity
Frustration - "unhappy camper(s)"
Lack important information; incorrect
and/or untimely info
Burned out - too little free time
- stressed out
Cash flow/financing
Confused - don't know where/how to begin; losing control
Things are slipping through the cracks
Lack of direction - "lost" - No "mission"
Spending too much (overhead, direct costs; out of line)
Deteriorating profitability
Weak management team
Disoriented - lost confidence
Computer system problems/deficiencies
No advisors/Too many advisors i.e. no single opinion; inconsistency
Unmotivated/demotivated employees/managers/owner(s)
Unsatisfactory contract conditions
Lack of succession (continuity through family generations)
Indecisive - vacillate; procrastinate
Uncertain - not knowing
Slow/no growth/too rapid growth
Nobody to listen - understand - care
Disoriented - lost confidence

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The concerns you have selected are often just "the tip of the iceberg" when it comes to the obstacles Small Business Owners face. Furthermore, these issues often represent symptoms rather than the underlying causes of problems.

Please provide your contact information so that we may email your assessment results. Privacy is an important issue, and our policies are very simple: All information is held in complete confidence. We do not sell, trade or rent your personal information (such as your e-mail address) to any other companies. Ever.

Should you have questions or wish to speak with an advisor, please contact us at 518-708-6300 or info@management-advisory-group.com.