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Management Consultant Services

Business Coaching

Professional athletes have coaches. Is this because they are not good at what they do? Absolutely not! It is because professional athletes are constantly trying to improve their "game" and increase their success. The same is true for small businesses, or at least it should be! Because let's face it, if you're not trying to improve your business, then you may not have a business much longer in today's economy. Business coaching helps business owners increase their success. Our management consultants ask thought provoking questions to help you identify your challenges, opportunities, priorities and goals. Business coaching is an effective process that enables business owners to maintain their focus and identify the next steps required to reach their next level of success.

Executive Recruiting

Executive recruiting is a cost-effective resource for small businesses that need to find qualified, reliable employees, but do not have the time or resources to do the research required to find suitable candidates. Getting good employees takes more than placing an ad in the classifieds or sitting through a few interviews. Recruiting, screening, interviewing, and evaluating candidates along with negotiating compensation takes experience, objectivity, and a vast network. This is because the overwhelming majority of hiring is done by word of mouth. Since many small business owners do not find the recruiting and hiring process to be the best use of their time and expertise, our management consultants frequently provide executive recruiting services to our clients.

Small Business Marketing

Trying to market your business without a marketing plan is like going fishing without knowing where the fish are, which fishing line, bait and lures to use, and whether it's better to fish in the sun or rain. Under these circumstances, even the most accomplished caster will not be effective. The same is true for small business marketing. Small business owners who rely on anecdotal observations instead of market research are missing valuable information to advance their business ahead of their competition. This lack of information can also be costly when determining pricing to differentiate your business from your competitors. Yet, such market research doesn't have to be as extensive or sophisticated as is done for a national or Fortune 1000 company. Sometimes one seemingly insignificant piece of information can yield a tremendous payback when used properly. Our management consultants provide practical, cost-effective market research and then help you create an effective marketing plan to distinguish your business from your competitors and increase your sales.

Construction Marketing

Not until the recent economic crisis did many contractors realize that they needed to market their businesses beyond the bidding process. Now contractors understand that marketing is no longer a "frill" or unnecessary expense. They know they must develop their marketing processes and infrastructure with the same focus as they do with estimating jobs, managing their finances and developing production teams. This is because gaining market share during a down economy is more important than ever. Our management consultants help you market your business with lead generation and customer relationship building to enable you to become the preferred vendor.

Succession Planning

When family-owned businesses begin succession planning these days, they are faced with a predicament that is becoming all too common; there are no family members to take over the reins of leadership. This is not to say there are no family members working in the business. Rather, the family members in the business are not competent, interested, or available to assume leadership positions. Business owners in this situation often assume that their only option is to sell their business when that is not the case. This is why succession planning is so essential. Small business owners need to fully understand all of their available options before making any decisions about the future of their business. Our management consultants help small business owners determine the best course of action to meet the needs of their businesses and their families.

Business Planning

Many business owners believe that business plans are only good for one purpose, to raise capital. While it is true they are most often written for this purpose, there are many other benefits to business plans. An often overlooked and significant benefit of a business plan is the business planning process itself. The business planning process requires business owners to take an objective, critical look at their business. This often results in the business owner seeing new opportunities for growth and being able to identify those areas that aren't contributing to their overall success. A business plan can also spot potential problems before they occur. Finally, business plans can help you manage your business better by communicating your mission and objectives to others within your organization.

Operational Effectiveness Review

Businesses need checkups just like people do. Our management consultants conduct a thorough analysis of your business operations to determine if your business is strong and healthy or suffers from management ailments. Once we identify impediments to your business's success, we help you develop and implement strategies to ensure your business thrives. In order for our management consultants to get a head start on assessing your business, please take a moment to complete our business self-assessment.

Medical Practice Management

The "business" of providing medical care in a private practice setting has never been more complex. Having to streamline operations to control costs is a virtual necessity, especially since physicians' earnings are continually being challenged by governmental, regulatory and third-party payor demands. Staff conflicts, system requirements and other constraints need the careful attention of a trained advisor to assist physician managers to determine their options, establish priorities and make appropriate choices. ICD-9 and CPT codes are only a part of the equation in achieving the financial and patient care goals of a medical practice.

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