Management Advisory Group has helped Spring Line Design change the direction of our focus as a firm.  Previously, we concentrated solely on doing great technical work.  Now we have learned that this is not sufficient to grow our business or to attract and retain the best employees.  We now use some of our creativity to develop our marketing strategies, leadership ability, and generally enhance the overall operation of our firm.  As a result, we have almost doubled our size in 9 months and we have seen a marked increase in the satisfaction of our employees.  Before we started working with MAG we were only reacting to the business that came our way, now we are now actively steering the trajectory of our business’s development.


- Kristin Knickerbocker, RA, LEED AP - SPRING LINE DESIGN - Architecture + Engineering, LLP

Your consulting firm helped us to develop our long-range business plan to support rapid growth. You helped us recruit several outstanding employees (human resources, sales and administrative) and implemented several major organizational changes.

Your work with our family-member management team enabled us to get through the many struggles family businesses face and also facilitated the eventual sale (2008) of our business so that each member could pursue their individual personal interests (not to mention providing the financial resource for such!).

I am certain that we will be working together as client and consultant when I pursue my own entrepreneurial vision in the near future. What won't change is the strong friendship we have developed.

- J.F. - Home medical equipment service company



Working with Management Advisory Group has really opened my eyes as a small business owner. Their knowledge and experience was in valuable. They were instrumental in my decision to make some significant staffing changes and I greatly appreciated that they helped at every step - including recruiting and termination. Stan Simkins was (and is always) there for me to lean on. Without a partner, this is a huge benefit. Stan was an integral part of my decision to take on the franchise brand of Sign a Rama in 2008, including helping with the contract discussions, after many years as an independent.

The lessons I have learned and the knowledge that I have gained have enhanced what I learned at Union College as an Economics major and member of their football team.

Thank you Stan and the rest of the Management Advisory Group.

- E.C. Stumpf - Sign*A*Rama@Infamous Graphics.



When we first began working with Stan Simkins and Management Advisory Group in a previous entity, our web development and database development firm was struggling, internally and fiscally, with no rudder for its direction and strategy. Through a series of long-range business planning sessions and through the process of revamping internal processes, we learned that our current corporate structure simply wasn't going to work - the owners simply couldn't see eye to eye and the structure needed to change to support the firm. With Stan's assistance, the company partners split into two parts - database development and web development. The reformed web development firm refocused on its core strengths and was able to grow in a smart and anticipated pattern. That foundation based upon the initial strategies helped us become ranked among the area's largest web developers, and our revenue has doubled over the past three years.

On a side note, the "other company" that split from the original business is out of business.

- D.B. - Web Site Development



Many business consultants will meet with you and give your concerns a voice as a trusted advisor would. However, fewer are capable of transforming your good wishes for your business into actionable events. The Management Advisory Group will transform your family business wishes from ideas to successful implementation.

However, be careful what you wish for as I've never known Stan Simkins to be without a plan to get you there. If you willing to commit the resources to changing, his firm will make sure you are optimizing your time and staying on course. Better decisions will surely follow and implementation is more assured.

If you are ready for change, talk with Stan and/or attend the Capital Region Family Business Resource Center's monthly 'Roundtable'.

- L.Z. - Computer Networking and Repair



Your consulting firm helped us to develop our long-range business plan to support rapid growth. You helped us recruit two outstanding employees (engineering and administrative) which helped to enhance our organization.

Your ability to act as a cohesive team builder helped us to strengthen communications and systems and we are happy to report that we are now in a new facility twice the size as we started out in.

- D.N. - Engineering consulting firm



Your consulting firm helped us to move from a traditional small manufacturing operation in 1992 to a fully-integrated, multi-plant business while helping to create and implement our succession plan strategy for the 4th generation members. Management Advisory Group also helped to recruit some of our top managers and administrative staff while developing accounting systems to support closer analysis of our operating data. Simply put, you helped to 'tighten up' and 'professionalize' our operations. Your assistance in helping us to secure the funding necessary to make a strategic acquisition, and assist in the negotiations was of paramount importance to our long-term growth. You'll never know how much all that meant to me.

- M.S. - Food processing manufacturer



When you helped us to secure our first major financing and guide us through the process of expanding our business, it seemed like something that might be only a 'wish'. Yet, your patience and commitment to helping us was evident. Your passion to helping us realize our dreams has evolved into a 2nd generation business with our sons that surpasses our original expectations over 15 years ago.

Your experience working with family business teams helped us navigate the 'uncertain waters' that pose a serious challenge to even the best and healthiest of family businesses.

Management Advisory Group is far from a typical business consulting firm and we enjoyed having you as an extended member of our family.

- A.C. - Sheet Metal Fabricator



Your work as an objective facilitator for our strategic business plan and related succession planning helped to provide fresh perspective and impetus in helping us to move forward. Your guidance in expanding and implementing our marketing plan enhanced the momentum and timeliness of follow through. Your persistence and candid style made a difference in achieving the objectives I had in mind when I invited you to work with our firm.

- P.W. - CPA firm



Within a short time, you changed the quality of life for me and my company and helped to put us on a solid and clear path for growth. We went from a 2,500 square foot rented facility to an 8,000 square foot building that we now own. Our sales continue to grow and I have a management team and systems, which you helped to build, to support even more aggressive growth with not nearly the 'pain' we used to endure.


- T.K. - Fire extinguisher sales and service



Within a short time, you greatly increased the growth potential of my company. We doubled the size of our facility and are confident we will have doubled our sales within less than 5 years. You helped me to personally tap into my own leadership potential while 'moving the bar' up for our team. It's hard work and frustrating at times, but worth every moment and ounce of energy.


- K.A. - Water and biologic test laboratory



Stan, I wanted to express how much our relationship over the past 15 years has meant. Your help has enabled me to go from a small operation where I had to be involved in every detail to a beautiful location (that I now own...and don't rent!) with a management team and staff that allowed me to build an entirely new business (that is complementary to my primary business). You showed me how to work IN my business instead of ON my business. I'll never forget that lesson and look forward to our continued friendship.


- E.D. - Aquarium retailer and pond design contractor



As a traditional contractor, we relied mostly on the bidding process to build our business over the past 12 years. Though we have a strong relationship with our customers, you helped us to create a structured marketing plan and taught us marketing and selling skills that contractors are not typically exposed to. To say they have been useful would be an understatement! I can't believe we were up and running (producing results) in less than 90 days. As if that were not enough, your operational knowledge of construction helped us to tighten up our internal reporting and financial analysis. I HIGHLY recommend your firm's services to any contractor.


- C.K. - Excavation Contractor



Management Advisory Group helped me move my company to 'the next level' in my growth plan. Having started the company 'from scratch' with previous construction and service industry background, I faced challenges that are sometimes daunting to the average small business owner. Management Advisory Group helped me to tighten my internal systems and organizational structure while also developing my own leadership skills and those of other team members. You provided a fresh perspective to the potential of my business and how to overcome many obstacles that seemed unachievable. In simple words, you helped us to unlock our hidden potential. I never regretted putting my blind faith in you.


- M.M. - Residential and commercial energy conservation contractor